Connecting relationships
and becoming a bridge between
China and Japan.

ABOUT US Contributing to the realization
of a more affluent society
through trade

We are an international trading company specializing in trade between Japan and China.

Since our establishment, we have focused on providing high quality and trustworthy products, which include but are not limited to materials related to import and export of automobiles, medical equipment and household goods, etc. We also introduce relevant manufacturers according to the needs of the company.

Our goal is to contribute to the economic development of both countries by building a mutually beneficial trade system between them.

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SERVICE Introduction of products and services

  • Oils, Impregnants,
    adhesives etc
  • Metalworking tools,
    measuring machines etc
  • Machining equipment,
    the production line etc
We also accept inquiries and requests for products that are not listed on our website.
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COMPANY Companies to introduce

Knowing the merits of both Japan and China, our goal is to be a company that is helpful to both sides through trade that is beneficial to both Japanese and Chinese companies.

Company name TOHO INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd.
TEL&FAX 03-3806-0883
ADDRESS 〒116-0003
828 Tokias, 8-1-1,Minamisenjyu Arakawa-ku,Tokyo
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